Fight Song, Alma Mater have been sung proudly for more than a century

For more than a century, the Miami University Fight Song and Alma Mater have been sung proudly at Miami events.

Earlier this month, during #MoveInMiami, our annual day of giving, generations of Miamians came together to perform the songs like never before.

Members of the Miami University Men’s Glee Club joined their voices for a virtual performance of the Fight Song and Alma Mater.

What today is known as the Miami University Fight Song is actually the chorus of a three-verse Miami March Song written by a young geology professor more than a century ago.

Miami President Guy Potter Wharton Benton asked geology professor Raymond Burke to start a glee club in 1907, and Burke went on to write the Fight Song, while putting the Alma Mater, written by Alfred H. Upham, to music.

The Men’s Glee Club is one of the great male choruses in the country and has performed around the world. Like the Miami Experience, these songs have evolved throughout the years, but their message has not. We hope you enjoy this virtual performance of these two great songs.

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