Alumni Veterans Tribute recognizes Miamians’ military service

That Miami has produced more than its share of military leaders over generations, from Souers to Buehl to Higgins to Arthur to Ralston, underscores its reputation as a premier institution of relatively small size. Consequently, a tribute to Miami Veterans not only honors America’s fighting men and women, but also recalls the high values we hold dearly and have inculcated in our students since Miami’s founding in 1809.”

– Lt. Gen. Robert R. Ruark ’81, USMC (Ret.), Miami’s highest-ranking active military officer

Veterans Day is a time to honor Americans who served their country and to thank veterans for the sacrifices they made. Nearly 8,000 Miami University alumni have belonged to the armed forces, and there is a permanent place on the Oxford campus to honor those Miamians for their commitment, courage and resolve.

Located on the south side of Spring Street between Wells Hall and Nellie Craig Walker Hall (formerly the Campus Avenue Building), the Alumni Veterans Tribute stands as a monument dedicated to Miamians in the armed forces – past, present and future. Dedicated in 2018, the tribute includes a memorial with the names of alumni who were killed in action or missing in action.

Veterans Tribute
The Veterans Tribute

Liberty and justice are represented at the forefront of the tribute with the interwoven, rising spirals that wind inward toward the United States flag. Visitors can read text inscriptions from the Bill of Rights, the military oath, the Pledge of the Allegiance and the Preamble to the Constitution. The words of former U.S. President Benjamin Harrison, Miami Class of 1852, are represented, along with quotes from Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman, as well as Gen. George Patton.

Miami’s tribute to its veterans extends to a searchable online database dedicated to Miamians who have served or are serving. An update form is also available online.

This tradition of Miamians serving their country continues today. In October, Miami’s Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (NROTC) Unit received the Department of Defense ROTC and Educational Institution Partnership Excellence Award. The prestigious award recognized the outstanding ROTC unit and host educational institution for each military department. Winners were determined based on performance, educational institution support and other noteworthy achievements.

To all veterans, on this day and all days, we say thank you.