Miami sparkles in its winter coat

Winter can make campus feel magical.

Picture yourself inside, your face feeling the cold from your dorm room window as you watch the pristine flakes fall, your bundled-up friends calling you outside to build a snowman. Or perhaps you’re admiring leafless maple trees bejeweled in icicles.

Even walking to class can be exhilarating, shoveled sidewalks cleared by someone else or the ever-accommodating steam tunnels.

Miami’s campuses sparkle when blanketed in a new coat of snow. In anticipation of days to come, the following photographers are sharing their favorite winter scenes from years past.

Photos by Kenzie Bryant, Rick Costello, Brad Farr, Scott Kissell, Jay Murdock, Emma Price and Jeff Sabo.

Be sure to click on the images to get a closer look and read more about each one.

One thought on “Dazzling Snow Days

  1. Thank you to all who contributed to this set of pictures. Even though I graduated 47 years ago, my memories of Miami remain vivid. Miami’s beauty remains for future generations of Miamians.
    These pictures are all fantastic! Thanks again. Love and Honor!

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