Miamian offers map coding tutorial at virtual event on Sept. 24

By Karen Mauk xdMFA ’21

As a recent Miami graduate, I’m so grateful for the doors Miami opened for me – creatively, professionally and personally. Immediately after graduating with my xdMFA, I started a new job as marketing director at Joot, a local tech startup that I was fortunate to discover at Miami’s Architecture, Design and Emerging Technology Fair. With the tremendous help of Miami’s Center for Career Exploration and Success, I quickly and deftly navigated relevant job opportunities and found a perfect match in a brand-new (to me) industry and role. And I couldn’t be happier.

One of the first opportunities I learned about after joining Joot is our partnership with OhioX, a nonprofit helping people from all walks of life participate in and contribute to the vast world of tech and innovation, right here in Ohio. Working on a few OhioX committees introduced me to Ohio Tech Day, a free event many months in the making and finally kicking off on Sept. 24, 2021.

Let’s back up. Another huge gain from the Architecture, Design and Emerging Technology Fair was the launch of Joot’s internship program featuring two fabulous summer interns and current Miami students. Over the past few months, I worked with Phillip DiSilvestri and Joot’s incredibly talented sales and marketing intern, to develop a scholarship map coding tutorial that empowers students to learn the fundamentals of data analytics and coding in order to find relevant scholarship opportunities. Partnering with OhioX and using data from DataOhio, we developed this tutorial specifically for Ohio Tech Day participants with the goal of expanding access to data analytics, coding and all the powerful tech tools we can build together.

In true Miami fashion, one opportunity led to another, and then another. Our coding tutorial sparked several conversations with companies and schools interested in making it even more engaging and accessible to more people. Thanks to our friends at Dolr, we’re expanding the tutorial into more programming languages and giving students more opportunities to share their work.

Not only did the tutorial invest me in the work we do at Joot as a financial services and tech company, but it also fostered connections with our interns and the broader tech community. The creative process of making the tutorial opened doors for us as we discovered new ways to use coding and data analytics to improve our processes. Likewise, we designed the tutorial to open doors for students interested in learning more about tech, coding and the financial services industry. With this DIY contribution to Ohio Tech Day, we’re turning the spotlight on the next generation of tech leaders. And we can’t wait to see what you create.

Our scholarship map coding tutorial is just one of the ways Miami is participating in the first of many Ohio Tech Day celebrations. Please join us on Sept. 24 and beyond as we engage students in new career and educational opportunities and continue the Miami tradition of building partnerships and expanding access – with Love and Honor.

Karen Mauk graduated from Miami University’s Graduate School with an MFA in Experience Design (2021) and a graduate certificate in Interactive Media Studies (2019). She also participated in Miami’s miniMBA (2021) and Data Analytics Awareness Microcredential (2020) programs.