Welcome to Slant Talk, the Miami University Alumni Association blog. Aside from trying to be a little witty, the name of this blog references some important history. It derives from the iconic Slant Walk on the Oxford Campus. This historic path has been part of the University landscape since 1824. It’s been dirt, sand, red-brick and, in recent decades, cement. The intention of the initial path was two-fold. First, to keep livestock off of the newly seeded and hedged grounds. Second, to transport students from uptown to the heart of campus. The grounds crew seem to have the livestock problem under wraps, so the second intention remains.

Just as Slant Walk has taken Miamians back and forth to the heart of campus, Slant Talk attempts to get at the heart of what it means to be a Miamian. First and last, this is a place to tell stories–for, about and by Miamians. Because Miamians have so many good stories to tell. Stories of success. Stories of resilience. Stories of Love and Honor.

So stop by whenever you can to take a journey with us. Some of these journeys will be funny, some heart-warming and some educational. All of them, like the historic path itself, will be uniquely Miami.

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One thought on “About Slant Talk

  1. I had a wondrous 4 years at Miami in Speech & Hearing Therapy (including given award for Outstanding Clinician). I enjoyed several years as therapist for Cove School,
    The famous school started by Dr. Alfred Strauss ( for 40 residential students).
    Thank you for that gift!
    Jo McCulloch Bailey

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