BFA 2006, Oxford Campus
Studio Art (Photography)

Still Life with Dried Peonies & Wasp Nest, 2019
Archival inkjet print
24 x 30 inches

Still Life with Dried Peonies & Wasp Nest, 2019

Brief Biography

In 2006, Alison A. Smith earned a BFA in Studio Art with a minor in Women’s Studies from Miami University. Four years later, she obtained an MFA in Studio Art from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia. Smith is a photographer who is interested in the built environment, domestic spaces, and arranged still life. Her work has been exhibited in national photography galleries, centers, and in university galleries and museums.

Artist Statement

The works in the series, Vestige: Still Life, capture arranged, small-scale domestic scenes inspired by the classic and contemporary still-life genre. Compositions feature a mixture of “antique” objects – purchased or inherited, cultivated or wild plantings from the land around my home or newly produced goods. I create subtle tensions by contrasting the natural and artificial in order to accentuate a sense of ambiguity or mystery. Serving both symbolic and indexical functions, the objects and the use of only ambient, natural light also point to the passage of time, changing of seasons, growth, aging, and loss.

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