BFA 1985, Oxford Campus
Studio Art (Ceramics, Painting and Photography)

Article 23, 2018
White stoneware with glazes and acrylics
18 x 18 inches

Article 23, 2018

Brief Biography

In the past 30 years, Carrie E. Pate has been in over 40 exhibitions, both solo and group shows. She earned her BFA from Miami University and her MFA from the University of Cincinnati. Permanent public work by Pate includes the Earthwork Sacred Embrace in Dayton, Ohio. She presented at the Society of Ecological Restoration’s International Conference in San Francisco, California, as an Earthwork Artist. Pate continues to educate herself on various new art techniques by studying with mentors at various venues, most notably in 2003 with ceramicist Arthur Gonzalez.

Artist Statement

Article 23 … the right to unionize at work … ensuring an existence worthy of human dignity.

This piece pays homage to the Women who died in the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire where 123 Italian and Jewish immigrant women perished. These deaths inspired the rise of Unions, where even prior to the inferno these women were brutally beaten while peacefully protesting their inhumane workplace conditions. During the tragic fire on March 25, 1911, many of the women jumped to their deaths through the windows to escape the pain of being burned alive. The exit doors were routinely locked during work hours.

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