Professor Emerita, 1995-2014, Oxford Campus
Art Education

Teinopalpus Imperialis, 2020
Oil and acrylic on canvas
30 x 51 inches

Teinopalpus Imperialis, 2020

Brief Biography

Jeannie Langan Heins studied from an early age at the Art Institute of Chicago, before receiving a BFA, MA, and a PhD from the University of Illinois. She is an Art Professor and Graduate Faculty at University of Alabama/Huntsville, and teaches online at Eastern Illinois University. Langan’s art centers around inspiring respectful preservation of wildlife and the human soul. Her scholarly publications explore Artistic Development, Native symbolism, and Community. Langan’s artwork has traveled on the space shuttle Atlantis and shown at the Kennedy Space Center. She participated in Christo’s NYC Gates Project and in a collaborative project with Maya Angelou.

Artist Statement

Sila: to protect; a (Buddhist) code of conduct embracing a commitment to harmony and freedom from causing harm. My paintings/installations from my abstract butterfly wing series center around themes of conservation in nature/wildlife. I speak for wildlife that cannot speak for itself, hence this story of Teinopalpus Imperialis, an endangered species. She has nobody to speak for her. The diptych shows this rare butterfly from the forested Himalayas, pulled apart; being slowly blotted out. Though law forbids it, she’s hunted (for her rarity), as slash and burn agriculture degrades her habitat. The gift of Sila can preserve her beauty.

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