BS 2006 and MS 2007, Oxford Campus
Art Education

Meridian, 2019
Photogram (cameraless photograph) on paper
18 x 15 inches

Meridian, 2019

Brief Biography

Jeremy Blair is an assistant professor of Art Education at Tennessee Tech University. He received his BS and MS in Art Education from Miami University and his doctorate from the University of North Texas. Before moving to Tennessee, he worked as a K-12 art teacher in Savannah, Georgia, and a curator at the University of Colorado Art Museum. Blair exhibits his alternative process photography nationally and regularly participates in artist residencies.

Artist Statement

I investigate the intersections of place and self by developing site-based cameraless photograms that reconstruct my lived experiences. My on-location creations in rural outdoor environments use a custom-designed light-proof tent. I place foraged objects on photosensitive paper, expose the paper to light, and develop the work through a sequenced eco- friendly chemical bath. My mobile darkroom is relocated throughout the day, allowing me to experiment with multiple exposures, and welcome variables like weather, water temperatures, and pH levels. In this body of work, organic materials and environments interface with light, water, and chemistry, leading to intimate connections with place, material, and self.

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