BS and BFA 2017, Oxford Campus
Art Education and Studio Art (Ceramics and Painting)

12 Juli, Rodenkirchen, 2020
Graphite, watercolor and sunlight on Arches watercolor
paper and transparency paper
23 x 29 inches

12 Juli, Rodenkirchen, 2020

Brief Biography

Kirsten I. Ledbetter is an artist and educator from Cincinnati, Ohio. She received a BS in Art Education and a BFA from Miami University, and her MFA and Museum Studies Certificate in 2021 from the DAAP program at the University of Cincinnati. Ledbetter is a mixed media artist who works in cyanotypes, drawings, paintings, and textiles. She is intrigued by process, light, and the ideas of the temporary, and explores critiques of the value structures of Western culture.

Artist Statement

The work I create is a contemplative process that critiques the value structures ingrained in Western society and the pace with which we, as a society, live our lives. My work captures fleeting and ephemeral moments of subtle beauty, stillness, and slowness. This calm in the visual provokes thought in the viewer to shine a light on the inherently flawed rat-race structure of our capitalist society that emotionally and physically drains so many.

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