Professor Emeritus, 1963-1990, Oxford Campus
Studio Art (Drawing, Painting and Printmaking)

Gilt Fantails, 2020
Tempera, watercolor and gilt on paper
19 3/4 x 17 3/4 inches (each)

Gilt Fantails, 2020

Brief Biography

Robert Wolfe received his BFA in 1952 and a BS in 1955 from Miami University. After serving as an Army artist/ illustrator, Wolfe obtained his MFA in 1960 from the University of Iowa. He also studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy and at the Tamarind Institute in New Mexico. After European travel (1960-1963), Wolfe obtained a printmaking position at Miami University. He has exhibited in over 200 competitions and 25 one-person shows. In 1972, he was honored by the governor of Ohio and the Ohio Arts Council. In 1992, students and the Miami administration honored him with the Miami Effective Educator award.

Artist Statement

As time passes, I find that the observation of nature has always been important to my work, whether in print, drawing or painting. However, the subjects are not used for descriptive or literary purposes. The aesthetic meanings are derived through the manipulation of the elements of art: color, form, light, and shadow, and the rhythms of the subjects. Whatever the media, the meanings are developed through change and modifications, often through drawing beforehand, hoping for new understandings and appreciations.

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