MFA 2005, Oxford Campus
Studio Art (Ceramics)

Blue Torp Tank, 2018
Ceramic with pigment
26 x 10 x 11 inches

Blue Torp Tank, 2018

Brief Biography

Stephen Wolochowicz was born and raised in New Jersey. He has a BFA in Ceramics from the University of Delaware and an MFA in Ceramics from Miami University. He has lived and worked in many areas of the country, with appointments at Central Michigan University, University of Central Missouri, and the University of Notre Dame. He is an associate professor of Art in Ceramics at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.

Artist Statement

It is intriguing to me how the use of color and texture in tandem with simplified forms can convey deeper meanings and retain aesthetic appeal. Incorporating vivid equiluminant colors with metallic surfaces seem to play off of each other in interesting ways. Notably, the contrasting tone of fun and serious. My work utilizes abstract industrial shapes with organic features. It encompasses concepts of human invention, environment, and progress through networks of industrial themes.

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