Associate Teaching Professor, 2014-present, Oxford Campus
Arts Management

Contemplation, 2020
Archival inkjet print on paper
16 x 16 inches

Reverence, 2020
Archival pigment on paper
16 x 16 inches

Brief Biography

Todd Stuart is an artist, entrepreneur, and educator. He holds a BA from the University of Florida and an MFA and MBA from the University of South Carolina. Stuart has worked as an entrepreneur in theatre, design, and consumer goods. He has exhibited in group shows at A. Smith Gallery, The Atlanta Photography Group, Pop Revolution Gallery, PhotoPlace Gallery, and in both the Dayton Artist Society and Mohawk Gallery as part of the 2020 FotoFocus Biennial. Stuart has also exhibited internationally at the PS21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. His first solo show was at the Art Lobby/Miami University this fall.

Artist Statement

There is beauty in moments that pass us by so quickly. I am inspired to create an image by light, movement, color, subject, feeling, or any combination. I work through five interconnected steps – seeing, capturing, editing, printing, and reflecting. No one step is more important than the other. Each step in making the finished image, if an image is ever finished, provides more clarity. While my work presents the way I see and feel, to complete the work. What do you see?

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