BFA 1999, Oxford Campus
Studio Art (Photography)

Still Life, 2018
Wet plate collodion print
8 x 10 inches

Still Life, 2018

Brief Biography

Artist and educator Travis Linville resides in Elgin, Illinois. His recent work is rooted in 19th-century photographic processes and in response to 21st-century issues related to technology and competitive behavior. As an educator, he has taught photography, drawing, and computer graphics at Clemson University, Georgia Southern University, and Georgia College. Currently, Linville serves as Associate Professor of Photography and Digital Media at Elgin Community College.

Artist Statement

Having studied the wet plate collodion process for a few years now, I’ve discovered that control is elusive and demands continual adaptation, openness to changing conditions, and a calm persistence. While I incorporate and am impressed by the extensive possibilities provided by digital technology, I’m drawn to the immediacy of the analog photochemical process. Not the immediacy of time, but the connection to the physical aspects of how what sits before the lens becomes recorded on a surface. As photography has become less and less tangible, I find myself pursuing the forms of photography in which the finished image is again an object of importance.

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